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The Crowing

Coheed, Metal and other stuff is what I'll post.
If you want to know anything else just ask.
Sep 2 '14

Anon submission


Anon submission

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Sep 2 '14

I watched the Game Grumps panel from PAX last night…and I don’t think I’ve been that close to tears from laughter in a very long time

On a side note, I srue wish they would’ve showed those animations by ross D:

Sep 2 '14

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Sep 2 '14


i don’t have time for people who don’t believe in aliens

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Sep 2 '14




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Sep 2 '14


pretty girls

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Sep 2 '14


good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin

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Sep 2 '14

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Sep 2 '14


have you ever had the urge to spoil somebody and buy them everything they’ve ever wanted because they are just so wonderful and you love them a lot and they deserve all of the nice things??? then u realize u are broke and sad

Literally my life

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Sep 2 '14



Damn this spot the difference is so hard :-/

One of them is useful, famous across the world and part of peoples every day lives.

The other one is Justin Bieber and Nash Grier  

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